Friday, October 19, 2012

I am grateful that I have literary instincts in me. Yesterday I sent a very wonderful photograph of a humming bird and some flowers to my girl. Accompanied by it was some words written by me. One of the lines was "Let my love create flowers in your imagination". My girl replied that she liked the photo, but she loved my words. I told her, I could not take all the credit for the words. If she didn't create those feelings in me, how could I ever write them? I didn't see her face after saying this since we were communicating via e-mail, but I guess she smiled. If the smile didn't appear in her face, she smiled in her mind. She felt happy, I am sure.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am so grateful that I have these great resources to feel inspired when I am in a slump. These help me to unleash my inner power and get the best out of my life. Currently I am getting the best out of my life. Hard work does not seem hard work, because I am enjoying it. Also my girl is smiling back at me. This feels great.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am grateful that my girl helped me take off the burden from my heart. Our relationship has not yet become hundred percent natural, but it is getting better. And I believe within two to three days our relationship will be back to the way it was. She cares for me so much. She is a little girl with an age mask. I have been able to discover the little baby in her and enjoy everything she does. I cannot wait to meet her soon.
I am grateful that I have the conscience to realize my mistake soon enough to take a 'thought shift' quickly. Yesterday I made the love of my life upset by accusing her of being responsible for my own failure. I failed to see the way she felt and charged her. I soon understood my mistake. Now I have written a long letter to her as she lives far away from me. I am hopeful that she will understand how sorry I am and keep loving me the way she always did. I can imagine the bright smile in her face. She looks the best when she smiles.